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Body Contouring with Injectable HA Dermal Fillers

An injectable body contouring treatment is a non-surgical aesthetic treatment that shapes the body by injecting a reabsorbable hyaluronic acid gel specifically developed for minimally invasive volume enhancement. Injectable body contouring represents an attractive treatment option for volume restoration or augmentation by providing predictable long-lasting results. The benefit of the injectable body-contouring treatment is that the injectable hyaluronic acid body filler is a natural, reabsorbable gel that slowly degrades in the body over time. Results are predictable and long lasting and it is a non-surgical way of shaping the body. Injectable body contouring treatments are most often used on patients who seek to enlarge and enhance the calves and buttocks. However, body fillers can also be used to hydrate and correct irregularities in the skin surface such as those caused by weight loss etc.

Butt Enhancement
Body Shaping
Contour Your Body, Enhance Your Bottom, Sculpt Your Figure

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