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8 Point Lift

The Fluid Face Lift or the 8 point lift are terms used to describe the rejuvenative effects of the face using facial volume enhancers, in one or several area including;  around the cheek bones, tear trough. Jaw line, preauricular depressions, chin, lips, around the mouth and eyes and temporal areas to replace the volume lost through aging.

The treatment is a simple straightforward procedure taking about 10 to 30 minutes. Pre testing is not normally required. Botox can also be injected along the jaw line and neck area to help lift this area, this advanced technique is sometimes called the Nefertiti non surgical lift.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Products Are Used For An 8 Point Facelift?

Cadella uses a range of the most sophisticated and natural-looking Dermal Fillers, within the Juvéderm range. Within this Dermal Filler range, there are different products that are better suited for different requirements; for example, areas like the cheeks require a more robust Dermal Filler, whereas the under eye tear trough and lip areas require a more malleable and softer product. We take on board the desired result of the patient and create a bespoke treatment system based on what will achieve that effect.

How Does The 8 Point Face Lift Work?

The treatment works by enhancing the face’s natural features, smoothing and tightening the skin, and re-contouring the shape of the face.

Some patients may only require one or several elements of the 8 Point Lift, while others may need the full treatment. We carry out thorough skin assessments and consultations prior to treatment, so that we can plan treatment accordingly. As our small clinical team is made up of medical professionals, your treatment will be carried out with the utmost care and safety by one of our Aesthetic Nurse Practitioner.

Is There Any Downtime For An 8 Point Face Lift?

Not only is there no downtime associated with this treatment, the results are natural looking and subtle, with immediate effect. 2-3 days after treatment, the product settles and gives an impeccable result.

How Long Does An 8 Point Face Lift Last?

Because of the superiority of the products used at asc, and the skill of our Practitioner, patients can reap the rewards 12-18 months after treatment.

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